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I Am Inhuman - Even The Immortals Must Die
I Am Inhuman - No Creation Without Destrcution
I Am Inhuman - Above All Anguish
I Am Inhuman - Symphonik Darkness Ov Thine Absent Mind
I Am Inhuman - The Storm And The Fury Of Flame
We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things - Only Human
Keri Hilson - Superhuman (Feat. Chris Brown)
Chris Brown - Superhuman
Elephant - Sparks Of Humanity
Elenium - Human
Eclipse Eternal - Infested With The Human Disease
Paroxysm - Humanimality
Paganizer - Landscapes Made Of Human Skin
Paganizer - Cyclone Of Human Atrocity
Reflux - Ode To The Evolution Of Human Consciousness
Duumipeikon Paluu - Transcend Humanity
Arsis - Oh, The Humanity
Gandalf - Human Value Zero
Trilla - I'm Only Human
Pilots And Paper Planes - Oh The Humanity (A Prologue To Tragedy)

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