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Del Reeves - Philadelphia Fillies
Doors - Black Train Song (Live At The Spectrum, Philadelphia, 1970)
Embrace - Madeline
Flatt And Scruggs - Philadelphia Lawyer
Kingston Trio - Farewell Adelita
Jefferson Airplane - Madeleine Street
John Cale - Adelaide
Liv Kristine - Streets Of Philadelphia
LL Cool J - Funkadelic Relic
Marianne Faithfull - Lady Madeleine
Mind Eclipse - Of Queen That Enthroned In Haunted Citadel Of Syberia
Moody Blues - Boulevard De La Madeleine
Morning Again - Cradel Of Empty Promises
Pigface - Hagseed (Slagseed Slagadelic Mix)
Redgum - One More Boring Night In Adelaide
Room With A View - Madeleine (Futurismo Y Tradicion)
Rose Maddox - Philadelphia Lawyer
Scatter The Ashes - Citadel (The New Fall Forest)
Tom T. Hall - Trees In Philadelphia
Woody Guthrie - Philadelphia Lawyer

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