The Best By Zero Down

Lyrics Of The Best by Zero Down

Pass the time distract me from myself cause I'm so miserable.
Misery loves company your company keeps me miserable.
You're co-dependent you enable me to treat you with disrespect.
You wonder why you're so unhappy I wonder what you did expect.
Because I can treat you as good as you treat yourself.
I'm a dysfunctional narcissistic drama freak who thrives on misery.
You wonder why I fuck your friends I wonder why you're fucking me.
I'm afraid to give you what you need I know you would leave me for sure.
So I starve you for attention you always come back wanting more.
I play my games, you play your part.
I will watch your mixed emotions tear you apart.
But after all that you've been through to you I must confess,
You my dear, out of all the rest you're the best.

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Artist: Zero Down
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