I Like The Feeling By Zuba

Lyrics Of I Like The Feeling by Zuba

1) I get butterflies thinking bout your smile as it surrounds me
And when you go away hours of my day go so slowly
Hoping that you'll call for no reason at all just to hear your voice
When you say my name and look at me that way I don't have a choice

Chorus -
I get a funny feeling
When i'm around you
I get a funny feeling
& I don't know what i'm gonna do

2) Patterns run so deep trick me in my sleep it's happened too many times
And i'm starting to doubt what it is i'm all about i'm always crossing lines
Life is such a dream but it's not always what it seems can turn dark and blue
And even though I know I should make myself say no I can't stop holding you

Chorus -
I just like the feeling
When i'm around you
I just like the feeling
Makes me wanna be close to you

Bridge -

3) We could kiss through the night or try to do what's right it's a lonely thought
I'm trying to face myself and put my ego on a shelf this is my one good shot
And you tell me it's ok that you'll love me either way is that really true
Need you to be my friend and have you understand that I love you, everything about you

Chorus -
I guess that's the feeling
When i'm around you
I guess that's the feeling
& someday we'll see it through

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Artist: Zuba
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