Schmuck By Zuba

Lyrics Of Schmuck by Zuba

1) You've got some nerve to tell me to go
Life's not that simple, you can't make it so
Should we talk about right and wrong
Or why we can't seem to get along

2) Life with you felt so alone
Somehow I put you on some kind of throne
And now here i'm the one to blame
Does it make it easy, to forget my name?

Chorus -
Well, I can't live on memories, I know that would be wrong
And i'm not running from you, you were already gone
It's just some stupid game that we play
Would things change now if I stayed

3) Sorry to be the one to drive in the knife
But you took me for granted, like i'd settle for such a life
Was I wrong to share a bed
With some loving arms instead?

4) You're miles away when I look you in the eye
I've cried so hard now I'm too tired to even try
Now you say "baby come back please,
Don't you remember the way, the way it used to be."

Chorus -
But I can't...

Bridge -
And it hurts too much to see you throw yourself away
I know you've got too many dreams you're too afraid to face
Do you really think you can forget to love yourself
Cause now you've left me with a shell
Of someone that I used to know well

4) That bottle in your lap is so cliche'
You're such a rebel, what else is there for me to say
Has that bottle been your friend?
Cause when I shut this door, you won't see me again

Chorus -
Cause I can't.....

Goodbye to my baby (goodbye baby)

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Artist: Zuba
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