Always In My Heart By Moffatts

Lyrics Of Always In My Heart by Moffatts

Written by: the moffatts & john shanks

Verse # 1

One day I'll finally get the nerve to say
How I feel, I hide away all the pain
I wish you'd stay

Channel # 1

But I can't stop my world from crying
I'll hold on and I'll keep on trying


I believe there's a way to show you
Even when we are apart
Though the times we are not together
You're always in my heart

Verse # 2

Words come a little to late
Now you're gone but I'm still here and
Sing this song all alone
Something's wrong

Channel # 2

Cause I can't stop my world from crying
But I'll hold on and I'll keep on trying



Of all the things that I regret
Sometimes I forget to say I love you

Chorus (repeat)

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