Little Disasters By Bad Examples

Lyrics Of Little Disasters by Bad Examples

He wants to take her out to a movie
But he's not sure if he wants to go
And he don't wanna take it too quickly
And he don't wanna take it too slow
Yeah, she's the kind of girl he's always dreamed of
Oh, but this time it looks like it's real
And he knows she makes him feel happy
But he don't know what he wants to feel

It's a little disaster -- little disaster
He wants everything to work out perfect
But she only wants to be with him

He buys her flowers that he never sends her
'cause he's afraid she might misunderstand
And then he knows he might not deliver
The love that he knows she'll demand

Yeah, and he's ready for the altar
But suddenly he's running away
And he knows he'll love her forever
But he don't know if he wants to stay


He loves her (he loves her) -- he can't understand
Why it should be such a struggle
He's happy (he's happy) -- but it's not enough
Somehow he still ends up lonely... lonely

Well there's a train that leaves saturday morning
So she can summer with friends out of state
And it feels like it came without warning
And all of his words are too late

Yeah, and he stammers and stares at the station
And her bags are as heavy as lead
And he wanted to tell her he loved her
But the train pulls away instead

It's a little disaster -- little disaster -- little disaster
He wants everything to work out perfect
But she only wants to be with him
Little disaster -- little disaster -- little disaster...

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