Second Sight By Alexthomasdavis

Lyrics Of Second Sight by Alexthomasdavis

All the clouds have blown away
I bump into you every day
It's fate
Just fate
You say hi to other men
When will I see you again
That's great
I stretch my legs up in a queue
Just so I can look at you
Your cute
So cute
If you take a second glance
Later I'll ask you to dance
With me
And when you go
To clean the snow
From your eyes
It's second sight
I fly above the clouds so white
I'm soaring cos you looked at me
Everything it seems so right
Could this be a love at second sight
Second sight
When will I see you again
Close my eyes and count to nine or ten
Nine or ten
There are words to say to you
Just right now my feet are glued
To earth
Planet earth

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Artist: Alexthomasdavis
Music Director: alexthomasdavis
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