It's Crazy Fool By Lexia Allies

Lyrics Of It's Crazy Fool by Lexia Allies

(Verse 1)
How do you ever party when your in alone
But people swear to live
As I'm walking down for cograts
If you feel like crashing on new reports
Just how you got to do
May I jumped on something new
And live something how we get in
When we live for the night
Just how you spin one or twice a bottle
It's something fun we got to do
Everyone is doing the same
It's just how we feel like
It's crazy fool how you get yourself done
Can't say time is going to waste
Just get the time is passing
That sorry can't empty my mind for the life of time
(Verse 2)
Nights comes so cold
Dry in. Can't talked no more
Weakness close to dry more than weeness is in choice
If I can save myself through
Talking isn't the clue
Always have to find a way back
Don't come running back
Sooner as I deny it now
(Verse 3)
Take no life without speeding
I just told myself to quit
How you make the same mistake without no primitted
Don't you swear to god
I'm on my knees
If I say so much things
As it impossible for you to blame
Can't say the time is over for now

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Artist: Lexia Allies
Music Director: Lexia Allies
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