Sweet Nothings By Clara Benin

Lyrics Of Sweet Nothings by Clara Benin

Flew me on the wind of your whisper
Whisper sweet nothings in my ear
Pull me in and take a chance
Pull me closer for a dance
Tell me all the things I wanna hear

Tell me and you are mine
Let me feel the truth behind each lie
Soothe my soul with words above
Now gazing at the moon above
All within the moment of the night

Let me sing a depth of your eyes
Let me fell the softness of your touch
Run your fingers through my hair
Stroke my cheek with so much care
Show me a love that never dies

Hold my hand and never let it go
Show me through your head and to your soul
Teach me through your gentle touch
Someone can just give so much
Show another

Sing to me your sweetest melody
The one you sing for only me
And I’ll sing it so the world can know that
In a world of fears and hopes
All it takes is love to set us free

When you’re asked by someone
How much your love is meant for one?
It would be the smallest things
That show them you love me?

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Artist: Clara Benin
Music Director: Clara Benin
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Sweet Nothings

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