I Shouldn't Be Alive By Lil Pinkza

Lyrics Of I Shouldn't Be Alive by Lil Pinkza

I shouldn't be alive
If she never to me as her child
I shouldn't be alive
If she never come for me
I shouldn't be alive
If there's no one like her
(Verse 1)
I was born in rural areas
Where ma mother used to drop many tears
Starvation in the house can't even go meet your friends
We were abiding in the house that got no windows
My mother died everything get worse
As a child I didn't know who to look at hers face
If I was older I should have killed by the stress
But god is alive
He gat so many Somebody took me as her child life get better
The man get stronger and older
I swear she's a good mother
Cause she's the one who make know my father
With out her life is boring
I shouldn't be alive if she wasn't
I shouldn't be alive if she' wasn't
If she can leave me I can dig the ground and make the world spin around... (chorus)(bridge)It's too hard to live alone without your parents it's too hard it's to hard (verse2)
Now I'm seventeen I know how to do things and I can kill all the king my body is swimming on the dreams I will never ever forget who raised she's my number one and I put her name on my wall when she's sick I'll make sure she don't fall she's the one I trust and make me forget about the past my brain is free from thoughts life is so funny I'm writing my story with out now worry you heard who I say please don't feel sorry once I start working I'll make rain on her my first payment I'm gonna do everything for her I admire what she done for me I thought I wassup born to die but the man on the to is working god will never leave you if keep praying (chorus)

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Artist: Lil Pinkza
Music Director: Lil Pinkza
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I Shouldn't Be Alive

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