Nothing Comes To Nothing By Babyshambles

Lyrics Of Nothing Comes To Nothing by Babyshambles

Won't you come come come back to earth
They're all concerned
You know how they're worried for you..
And all their words, they jar my nerves
I know it ... by each new kisses ... through

Nothing comes to nothing without my baby,
Nothing ever comes to nothing without my baby

Thats the man where ... do
Tongue soaked in booze,
Is filthy and much older than you
The sick, sick news, the sickly news pulls out a sickle so shiny cuts the tongue in two
While the music sways and forays and searches and says:
Give me the young man in blue
While the music sways and searches the sunset:
Break your heart in two
Nothing comes to nothing without my baby
Nothing ever comes to nothing with my baby
All I ever do...

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Artist: Babyshambles
Music Director: Babyshambles
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