The Window By Starlight Theatre

Lyrics Of The Window by Starlight Theatre

It's a long walk home
And I want you to know
That I'm with you
When I go

It's cold outside
And the winds so unkind
But through the window, window
Your still mine

I could love a thousand lives
Each without delight
If you weren't by my side

And I miss you miss you
Just a glimpse I cling to

So the kids left home
But your not alone
Cause through the window, window
We find our own

World where you are still my girl
Where freedom rules our world
Where love overturns
This distance

When the skies unfold and let me go
It's you I'll come for
If you depart I'll search the stars
Until I find you

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Artist: Starlight Theatre
Music Director: Starlight Theatre
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The Window

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