Birthday By Katy Perry

Lyrics Of Birthday by Katy Perry

It's your birthday,girl,
Make a wish,

[Verse 1:Katy Perry]
Baby,let's do this all the time,
I'm falling for you, like I'm on,
Mount Everest,you're so crazy,
Baby,you're amazing, I want to see you,
Every morning when I wake up,
So make a wish, you deserve it,
Baby you're worth it,

Come on let's do it again,
Baby I need you,
Turn it up!

It's your birthday,
Make a wish,
Make a wish,
Make a wish,
Make a wish,
Baby, it's your birthday,
Make a wish,
Make a wish
Make a wish,
Make a wish,
Baby, it's your birthday 2x

[Verse 2:Katy Perry]
Baby now I need you,more than ever,
I'd do anything,to be with you forever,
It's now or never, give it to me,
We can do this all night,
It's gonna be all right,
But it will be fine,
Only if you say yes



[Verse 3:B.o.B]
I want to know,
Can we get together again sometime soon?,
And later we'll kiss by the moon,
Come with me if you want to live the high life,
But I can't save you from the troubles,
Of the world,
So come with me girl,
Whatever you want,
I can get it for you,
I can give you anything you want,
And anything you need,
So forget about your troubles,
I got a mansion,indoor pool,no rules,
Baby I can get you what you want,
So we can do it anywhere,
I Swear, I'll never get bored of you,
You know it's true,
Do I want you?
B*tch I do,
That's why I wrote a whole verse about you,



[Bridge:Katy Perry]
I know you want it,
So come and get it,
I know you want it,
So come and get it,



[Outro:Katy Perry]
I know,
You want it, so come and get it,

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Artist: Katy Perry
Music Director: Katy Perry
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