Wanted To Love You By Digital Summer

Lyrics Of Wanted To Love You by Digital Summer

As if they're paved into the sidewalks
These city streets reflect my thoughts and moments
That should have been with you
I drown my visions in the rain
Lost among the roof tops
With a bottle your perfect name
A life we never knew (if you only knew)

I¼ve wanted to love you, for so long I need to
It's the only thing left that my heart knows to do
I've wanted to love you for so long I just need to
It's the only thing left that this empty heart can do

As if they feel the pain in my thoughts
These streets lights blink in time as I walk
Consumed by images of you
What would I give just to relive
Every single second without you
To make this right and true I'd give anything


It so damn hard to capture the words
When I can't kill the pain I can't kill the hurt
On my knees I'm begging you to give me the chance
To give you the life you deserve


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Artist: Digital Summer
Music Director: Digital Summer
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