Be Me 4 A Day By Michael Jackson

Lyrics Of Be Me 4 A Day by Michael Jackson

So you wanna see in my life
So watch but be careful
I don't give no doubts
But that it's painful

Be me 4 a day
So you can understand my pain
What's it all about
And I'm not proud

But that's how I've survived
Living in the shadows
Walking only in night-time

Be me 4 a day
So you can see I'm not doing well
Sick and tired of this all
But I'm not gonna begg

Be me 4...
Look how I live day by day
Be me 4...
This is how I've became of who I am
Be me 4 a day
So you can see by yourself
I'm not insane
The press is, not me my friend

(I give you this by an honour of Michael) Who we all love so much

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Artist: Michael Jackson
Music Director: Michael Jackson
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