For The Rest Of My Life By Gary Numan

Lyrics Of For The Rest Of My Life from Dead Son Rising

Look around. Do you see?
Everything is fading
Everything just fades away
Look around. Do you see?
Everyone looks lonely
But there's only you and me

Do you wonder how we came to be here?
Do you wonder if we could find us from here?
Look inside. Do you feel anything but bitter?
Anything but sad and lost?

Look inside. Do you dream of a time that's better?
Do you ever dream of me?
And my heart breaks when you cry in your sleep.
So I can't stay here hoping I'm something you'll keep.

I will love you. Miss you. All of my life.
I will wonder about you. All of my life.
I will need you. Want you. All of my life.
But I've lost you. Lost you. For the rest of my life.

Song Details

Album/Movie: Dead Son Rising
Artist: Gary Numan
Music Director: Gary Numan
Lyricist: Webb, Gary Anthony James / Fenton, Adrian
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