I'm A Hustler (song?) By The Lonely Island

Lyrics Of I'm A Hustler (song?) by The Lonely Island

Well I'm a hustler, that's just what I do
I'm always hustling on the avenue
I can sell water to a whale
Or even a shell to a snail
I'm a hustler, life of a hustler, that's me
I've been this way since I came out my mama's purse
I'm always thinking of a scheme
And I'm good at what I do
And I know a thing or two about hustling
You have to be born with a certain swag
Like je ne sais quoi, that makes hustling be bad
Hey, at 8 years old I got my hood pass
Then at 9 I got my first keys 10th ave
Ice to an eskimo, spaghetti to a rock wall
I know that sounds racist, it's just how I talk
In the crap game, I am the number 1
I wouldn't ass around, you'll get your money taken
I'm may and gay around my patch
Never talk to me on the phone, that's real G doing his thing
I'm hard to kill
Attention, cooking up crack
Let's do it anyway, that's really hardcore

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Artist: The Lonely Island
Music Director: The Lonely Island
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