Leave Me By Imagine Dragons

Lyrics Of Leave Me from It's Time

Take a look inside
I've got nothing to hide, oh, no
I'll beat around the bush
I've got nothing but time, oh no, oh no

You've got me holding on to nothing
But nothing is all I've got

Leave me, leave me,
I'm a shut it all down
You've got a tendency to bring a man down
I give up, I give up
You've gotta get a gun to make a woman run

So this is what it feels like
I'll give you the last word
It's alright, it's alright, it's alright

Now this is the town, this is the place
If you are the one to give disgrace a name
Then So be it

You've got me holding on to nothing
But nothing is all I've got

[Chorus 2x]

Oh take my car, oh take my house
I never liked that beat up motor mouth
And it only looks so warm tonight
Just like a stranger in the candlelight

Take take take take
Take it all

[Chorus 2x]

Leave me now
Leave me now

Song Details

Album/Movie: It's Time
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Music Director: Imagine Dragons
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