No Labels By Akon

Lyrics Of No Labels by Akon

We may not understand this whole process and how things go am just an holy
Man tryin
To leave free and God know
See a man with the blue tie... see a man with the red tie so how about we
Tie ourselves together and get it done do what's right for america! All ask
From u is so honesty and motivation give us something to believe am only
One man with the boyz to suck him we got in common leader will a model
Wether look at me... e is a democran is a reprablican there in a race who is
Gona win what's difference your society if you can?coz we too many people
I wish they didn't have no rebals... oh... oh
A b more change with no rebal... oh... oh
My kids will grow up soon... your grow up to... o wouldn't like to see
Them raised up next to good hospitals and good schools I do wanna me
Juvanile facilities a grow now with mental disabilities... and all this
Time u could have made the difference but u decided to roll with party are
You kidin me all we ask from is some honesty and motivation give us
Something to believe

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Artist: Akon
Music Director: Akon
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