Lingerie By Usher

Lyrics Of Lingerie from Versus

Yo This Yo boi Pleasure
Providing pleasure
To all you sexy ladies
In your silk and your lace
And your lingerie
Don't forget your pumps
And your lipgloss
All that good stuff
Light the candles baby
Cause Pleasures here

[Verse 1:]
On the phone (on the phone),
With you girl (with you girl)
Just now leaving (just now leaving)
The studio (the studio)
I know it is (I know it is)
After hours (after hours)
Please get up (please get up)
Jump in the shower (jump in the shower)
Rub some lotion (rub some lotion)
On your body (on your body)
Then throw on (then throw on)
Something sexy(something sexy)
I know you got it(know you got it)
In your closet(in your closet)
Maybe in yur dresser(maybe in yuor dresser)
Make it special(make it special)

Throw on some lingerie baby
I'm talking about silk and lace baby
We can do it all night(we can do it all night)
We can do the slow grind, we can do the slow grind [x2]

Slow motion on you girl
Slow motion on you girl
Roller coasting on you girl
I want to take you up and down like a merry-go-round [x2]

Song Details

Album/Movie: Versus
Artist: Usher
Music Director: Usher
Lyricist: Raymond, Usher / Lewis, Terry / Harris Iii, James Samuel / Avila, Izzy / Avila, Bobby
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