All I See By Dido

Lyrics Of All I See from Girl Who Got Away

And I carry you with me
You're all I see
And I carry you with me

Thought it was safe to assume once I locked up the room
That I'd be gone for good but I would be back soon
Memories burned out still I'm smelling the fumes
Melodies turned down still I'm singing the tunes
Like a witch on a broom I wish I could fly fly away
Disappear into the earth and find a hideaway
Let the memories invade when I lie awake
Can't hide from yourself that's what I'm trying to say
And by the way what would I be without my past
Only find the right number when I doubt my math
Avoid others only after I recall my last
Set backs that don't kill me just amount to last
Anyway if I could turn back the hands of time
Would I change the events or change my mind?
Wouldn't recognize myself without my doubts and fears
Got a feeling all I need is all right here

You're all I see
And I carry you with me
You're all I see
And I carry you with me

I've been told apples don't fall far from the tree
I hope they're wrong when they're talking about me
All I see other ruins of a man I'm wrong

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Album/Movie: Girl Who Got Away
Artist: Dido
Music Director: Dido
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