Gravity's Union By Coheed & Cambria

Lyrics Of Gravity's Union from The Afterman: Descension

I flew head first into the light
Weightless, crisscrossing, precise
In a dream or was it life?

Inside this door all answers wait
So saddle up my steed
Where the lies live way beneath

Oh my, I think I’ve made a mess
This is all my fault it’s what I’ve wished

And I was wrong to let you go
I accept my mistake, but you will never know
This is my love into a ten ton truck
Baby, please remember the better me

No time to change my life in the air before
Our maximum reach outweighed
Apart, pictureless retreat

The terror meets the truth, no longer who
We know what we must do
Shadow dancing through the roof

Contact the life you used to know
Gravity, the world in tow
And I was wrong to let you go
I accept my mistake, but you will never know
This is my love into a ten ton truck
Baby, please remember the better me

Driver may I sleep with you tonight
Numbered uncertainty
City limits, shoe strewn diary
The roar of the engine won’t cease

All of my love and heart spilled in this car
Picture me the perfect enemy
Our lives are one, colliding up and beyond
In this fatal possibility

I am your, I am your prize

We wave welcome aboard
We wave welcome aboard
In my eyes I drown you

He has forgotten his place
Bait the hook and let it sink
No cause for alarm
Enter the master, I am Dr. Straight

Scalpel keep that lung in place
Nurse, IV needs refilling
Now watch the brain
Responding quite normal
This life I can save

Every man has a point
Where he breaks or conjoins
Among pressure that floods to complicate
Matters close to the heart
Will define who we are
Do we love? Do we hate?
We are only the meat

We understood the unmistakable
Two romantics on holiday and
How they stole our love

Locked in perpetual motion
Carving our wounds wide open
But you let the wrong one in

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Album/Movie: The Afterman: Descension
Artist: Coheed & Cambria
Music Director: Coheed & Cambria
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