One More Time By Jewelry

Lyrics Of One More Time by Jewelry

I know...
I've been living in you, I think to me
We are over now and the times where we're together
Let's go

Baby one more time
Let me blow your mind

Only Fantasy shijakhagesseo
Neol wihan Show time

Dalkomhan Chocolate cheoreom nogadeun
Naege bbajyeo bwa

Sekshihan nunbitgwa
Ddeugeoun momjise
Jom deo dagawa

I bameul jisaeul
Hanshimhan neukdaedeul
Nareul anajweo

Baby one more time
Let me blow your mind

Baby come to me
Gyeondil su eobseo
Neol hyanghan Toxic

Pingkeubit Lipstick cheoreom seumyeodeun
Naege chwihaebwa

Hwajangeul gochigo
Mogeul chugimyeo
Chuneun saramdeul

Ddaeron Tight hage
Ddaeron Hot hage
Nareul gajeyobwa

Baby one more time
Let me blow your mind

Meomchul suga eobseo igoseseo
Nareul beoseobeoryeo

Nigaseumsoge sugabeul chaewojul
Miro sogeuro

We can take it slow
Anyway you wanna go
I like this music don't stop moving
Dance into the night
Hit me boy
Baby don't be shy
Come by my side
Baby, hold me tight
I wanna make you mine

(One More time~...)

Baby One More Time
Let me blow your mind

Baby One more time
Nal meomchuji ma
Hwanghoran I shigandeureul yuhokhage

Let blow your mind
Dashi anajweo
Ggeutnael su eobtge

Baby one more time...

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One More Time

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