Spiritual Jewel By Khallice

Lyrics Of Spiritual Jewel by Khallice

Sometimes I ask myself,
The reasons to live and to die
If you're searching for the truth,
Why have we always living in lies?
The way you used to smile,
Laughing at somebody else's cry
You've touched my heart up to the sky,
You've said, that you would live and die for me,
Wiped away all my fears and tears,
Dive deep down in the scream.
A touch of lust behind your eyes
Twisting a preatty and young mind,
Frezzing hate slowly growing,
As in my heart just grow's rage! Pain!
This is the rolling tears, the hate has burned out!
I wanna clean my soul!
A journey to the sea of mind.
Try to remedy, the crazy thing within my soul.
'Gotta find the jew! And build myself a refugee.
Cos' my body is numb,
I need to set my spirit free!
Uh, the storm is over,
The sun is coming down!
The sun is coming down!
The world is coming down!
The stone spiritual jewel is jail!
The world is coming down!

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Artist: Khallice
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