Down At The Valley Of The Great Encounter By Horrified

Lyrics Of Down At The Valley Of The Great Encounter by Horrified

Under the God of fire,
I give the blood to the final liar
Lift the axe, burning god waits your son
Command by the warriors,
Kill their sons rape the lands
Forget your passions,
Drink the blood and burn the axe.
Force by sign, the sign of dark.
Under the flag of satan god.
Four thousand knights one million
Souls fly to the sky
Waiting for the god to save the
Blasphemy land.

Burning souls domain, betrayed
Left to cry, warrior honor will rise

Now the battle has begun, the army of
Monk against the morbid son.
Now the honor of each child must be
Still stronger than the Ice
Women preparing the new grave of their Mothers
The king of Nazraal,
Let the river of blood to flow

Fly to the sky, doomsday betrayed
Rest on pain await

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Artist: Horrified
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