RPC: Preachers Of Totalitarianism And Hypocrisy By Fight Back

Lyrics Of RPC: Preachers Of Totalitarianism And Hypocrisy by Fight Back

Russian orthodox church is the malignant tumor
Of the society's back. Mundane delirium of the sacred horns
Dew the vote of fallen neck
And the victimized payback

I'd saw their rules' futility
Addicted to the golden assholes
They drench freedom ability
From the abasement souls
They deal the alcohol and cigarettes
Without the stock marks
They're system of mind control
Exhaust on the brain sparks

They steal the working class
By means of idle golden roofing
That I'm observe through the rail train's glass
Them as the RAO "EES" & MPS looking

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Artist: Fight Back
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