Government Loyalty By Fight Back

Lyrics Of Government Loyalty by Fight Back

When I see spawns of the now youth
Buying the cool metal magazines would be groove
To merge with their frail truth-
In my opinions they're despicable smooth

This fucking magazines say what's dumb
To listen the Arsedestroyer and Benumb...
"Coz they are "stupid grind"
Engulfed to your flesh and mind."

This fucked up system says:
"Listen Dimmu Borgir through the days."
Teenasses bow to this deception
Due to unadult sublimation

This is the media-attack
On the teenages' lack-
I'm fight you back
And crack your system's neck

And when they will become adults
They dubbed in horticulture goods
Will see the Mexican serial movies through the week
And growing up the "clever stick"

They will be the obedient electorate
Which bring their chooses for parliament's debate
Anguished and languished by the shit capability-
Become the government loyalty

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Artist: Fight Back
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