Poltergeist By Dark Fortress

Lyrics Of Poltergeist by Dark Fortress

Face my shadow on the walls
A phantom of despite
The 4th dimension terror
I am the one denied
I am the nightmare knockin' on your door
Cursed for aeons, death's disciple
I am the eerie cold touchin' your skin
Cursed for aeons, life's denial
I am the phenomenon from beyond
I am the light leading your through the dark
I am the dark leading you astray
I am the complex voice inside your head
Have you ever wondered
Why all this has got to be?
Have you ever wondered
Why you shiver at night?
Have you ever wondered
Why the invisible makes you afraid?
This is when our worlds collide
This is when I crush your soul
This is when souls can't rest at night
This is insanity incarnated

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Artist: Dark Fortress
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