While They Sleep By Dark Fortress

Lyrics Of While They Sleep by Dark Fortress

Life - capitulation
Death - salvation
Welcome to the nightmare
Twenty four / seven
Numb reflections of a dying mind
The will to exist long before declined
Thus I leave this mass grave earth behind
When everything seems so trivial, I take a look at you
Children of scorn... when souls search for their haven
Your dreams become the portal
Beyond the corridors of thoughts
I languish, downcast... somehow dying, laughing
Beyond the subconscious realms of the beyond I linger
Once mourned, now forgotten
Life - capitulation
Death - disconsolation
Whenever I thought "there's a light below"
The night became darker than ever before

While you sleep, the dead whisper a lullaby
Deeper into the night I go
Suicide was the key
For sure, this must be
The way to Hell
While they sleep, I whisper a lullaby
Suicide was the key
For sure, this must be
The way to Hell

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Artist: Dark Fortress
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