Catawomb By Dark Fortress

Lyrics Of Catawomb by Dark Fortress

O the ruins of Utopia once again
Subterranean elegy, anthem from beyond the grave
The elements in change, everything is lost
Bound onto the aevum, the empty space my host
Bemoan the loss of life, but the end just stays the same
For this pathetic path I walk awaits you all one single day
The aftermath of death, the loss of body and soul
Life... the epitome of affliction
Nihil Ex Nihilo
Life without end?
Postmortem empiricism, the only thing that remains
Life is paint, but death betrayed me just the same
13 candles on my grave but the memory is gone
13 candles flickering in the distance
As emptiness melts with my soul
Death is just a different path, but the pictures stay the same

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Artist: Dark Fortress
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