Self Mutilation By Dark Fortress

Lyrics Of Self Mutilation by Dark Fortress

"Welcome to my world,
I know,
You won't see, what I see,
Feel what I feel"

Guided by sin, obsessed by anguish
Again and again
Doomed to suffer, a slave of disdain

"Bleef for me, and I'll lead you
To a higher ectasy
Bleed for me, and I'll lead you
To a deep kind of agony"

Only pain...
As the blade feeds my weary flesh again
Only hate...
As the blade seals my contaminated fate

Tempted by emotions
So far away from what you call "life"

Unchained wolves
Swallow my soul

Despair is the source of all life
Self-Destruction the only way

I choose death to live!

And when Utopia crumbles
Morbid souls move on

... My journey has just begun...

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Artist: Dark Fortress
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