Iconoclasm Omega By Dark Fortress

Lyrics Of Iconoclasm Omega by Dark Fortress

Can't stand the thought to exist within a lie
Katharsis unleashed, hear my call
This is the point of no return

Can't wait for the day Armageddon rapes humanity
Nemesis unleashed, nations will pray in vain
I have seen the face of death
This is the end supreme

I abdicate god
And his creation
I abdicate "life"
And mankind's false illusions

Pitch black deserts await my pain, so odious mundane
A perversion called "life" lead my astray
Let me awake from this never ending faint

Bury me insanity!
All this can't be real
Bury me despondency!
There are just too many wounds to heal

Within the storm of a thousand fears
You will see the face of disdain
Within the hour of a thousand tears
You will hear my name again

Dead Race Walking!

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Artist: Dark Fortress
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