Love Will Find A Way By Delirious?

Lyrics Of Love Will Find A Way by Delirious?

Look around at what you see
There's an s.o.s. ringing out for me
I thought I believed but I just turn away
From these souls living in this hell today

Tears are falling, on my face
From my face

Love, love will find a way to break through
This love finds a way to shine through
Your love, finds a way to break through,
This love finds a way to kiss you.

I stare in the eyes of this flesh and bone
I'm a tourist here so tomorrow I go home
I try to make sense of the things I've seen
Between the poverty and the five star dream.

Love will lead me to your feet
Love wont pass me on the street
Love will look me in the eye
Love wont leave me here to die
To your arms I'm gonna run
And escape what I've become
Love will find a better way, so they say

Love it will break you
Love it will take you
Love it will break you down

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Artist: Delirious?
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