Fanatic Boy By KooLTURE

Lyrics Of Fanatic Boy by KooLTURE

You were such a good friend
You were such a nice fan
Your biggest dream was enjoying them
With Pet Shop Boys walking hand in hand
We could read your last words
Filled with joy like a smiling face
Now we're sad in this world
You're an angel flying away

Destiny took what was ours
Past gave us unforgetable hours
Why is present ment to be so cruel
We don't wanna feel this blue

Feel this blue
Feel this blue
Feel this blue
Feel this blue

We'll cry on and on
All together singing this song
We'll be down here hands up
Praying for you, heaven above
Life caused you to be so strong
Now we're like soldiers going back home
Forever and ever you'll be unique
Burnt our minds both picture and nick


Feel this blue
Feel this blue
Feel this blue
Feel this blue

[Chorus x2]

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Artist: KooLTURE
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