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Don't bury me, I'm not yet dead
Not a walking zombie with no head
Not a Stepford wife made to obey
Don't want to go through life that way

I'm alive, I'm alive
That's what I say
I'm alive, I'm alive
Gonna live that way
I'm alive, I'm alive
That's what I say
I'm alive and I'm gonna live today

Do robots dream of electric sheep?
I need to live my dreams, not just in my sleep
I've been holed up here, but it's time to
Leave I need to make my move while I've air to breathe

Don't give me drugs, no Novocaine
I must be alive 'cause I still feel pain
We were born with wings
We were made to fly
We were meant to live while we're still alive

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Artist: Superchick
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