Rock What You Got By Superchick

Lyrics Of Rock What You Got by Superchick

This one's for the beaten down
The ones who lost their rock and roll
Rise up you lost ones, claim your crown
You were born to rock inside your soul

Welcome misfits, orphans, all
The ones who feel they don't belong
You were made to rock, so stand up tall
Go rock the world and prove them wrong

Rock what you got
Rock what you got
Don't ever let them make you stop
Rock what you got
Light up the lot
No one can rock the way you rock

This one's for originals
Who strike out towards the great unknown
Fear not the missteps, take the falls
The rock you find will be your own

This one's for the beaten down
Who gave up on their rock and roll
Lift your eyes from what drags you down
You were born to rock inside your soul

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Artist: Superchick
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