Just Blue By The Weepies

Lyrics Of Just Blue from Hideaway

Red dirt road in Tennessee
Red dirt mud, slow wet feet
Red dirt clay stuck in my heart
Clogging up the way
The tears come through
I'm blue, just blue

Pale gray sky above my head
Dark gray road, my rolling bed
Close my eyes, see you instead
Neon cafe sign across the street is glowing red
But I'm blue, I'm blue and there's not a thing to do
I'm blue, just blue, just blue

Look into the windows, see what's caught my eye
Duck in to avoid the rain, a baby wants to cry
So do I, so do I

White and green, a few spring blooms
A reckless day in sparkle rooms
Paint my face and fingertips all rose and new
Still blue
I'm missing you and there's not a thing to do
I'm blue, just blue, just blue

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Album/Movie: Hideaway
Artist: The Weepies
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