The Return Of By Supergrass

Lyrics Of The Return Of from Diamond Hoo Ha

Tumble down
The stairs
In the morning
Screaming cherubs
In my head
Shootin' arrows
All around
It aint enough
To make me frown

Turn on
The television
Open the papers
The headlines
Shout it out
We're on our knees
The end
Is really nigh
That ain't enough
To make me cry, no

The return
Of inspiration
The return
Of inspiration

Little big man
Workin' the city
He plays for money
Plays for women
He must think
He's so tall
No one's told him
That he's small

Ten fingers piggy
Counting the pennies
Well that old meanie's
Only happy
When he's
Draggin' you down
That aint enough
To make me frown

The return
Of inspiration
The return
Of inspiration

Ain't got no problems
Just complications
End of confusion
The return
Of inspiration

The return
Of inspiration
The return
Of serotonin

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Album/Movie: Diamond Hoo Ha
Artist: Supergrass
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