Starlight Lounge By Billy Bob Thornton

Lyrics Of Starlight Lounge by Billy Bob Thornton

Baby, would you meet me at the Starlight Lounge
Where I found you & you found me
We were both dressed up with no place to be
You saved me from my reasons
For the span of a drink
For as long I think as it took
For us to sink in our garden of sleaze

You felt me up & stroked me
From the inside out
'Til we just about, yeah we just about
Wore sleaze out
You leaned on me & I leaned on you
Yeah, we pushed real hard
To twist the truth & whisper love
Through hot, red smoke in a dirty booth

You gave me so many reasons
Yeah, you let me down
And I started to think 'bout your last drink
As I watched us drown in our garden of sleaze
Baby, would you meet me
At the Starlight Lounge
Where I lost you & you lost me
At the Starlight

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Artist: Billy Bob Thornton
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