Mother By Ashanti

Lyrics Of Mother from The Declaration

I would never let a tear
Fall from your eyes
(Oh, no, no, no)
Cause everything
Tou are to me
I could never let you
Hurt inside
You mean so much
And I'm so thankful
That your in my life
And I appreciate your love
And all your sacrifice

Without you by my side
I never could survive
I wouldn't be the woman
Standing here
Before your eyes
You taught me strength
And you gave me guidance
Whenever faith was lost
You were there to find it

And all because
A mother's love
Is unconditional
With all my heart
And all my soul
I wanna let you know

Said I thank you
And I love you
And I would never
Ever place
No one above you
Said I thank you
And yes I love you
And I would never
Ever place
No one above you

And I love you

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Album/Movie: The Declaration
Artist: Ashanti
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