Jolene By The Weepies

Lyrics Of Jolene from Happiness

It always rained around you
We tried to go inside and it would rain there too
It came pouring through the roof when we traveled underground
Whiskey, water, and tears 'til I thought that we would drown

Jolene, Jolene
Is it still raining everywhere you are?

We didn't hide from it at all
No we just let it fall
In the morning she was gone and everything was dry
The city streets were crowded and I felt like I would die

Now there's sunshine and flowers everywhere
And I don't care

All of these clouds will disappear
Like we were never here
But I swear there was a time I thought that it would never stop
And now I only think about you if it's raining or it's not

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Album/Movie: Happiness
Artist: The Weepies
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