Counterblow By Ayria

Lyrics Of Counterblow by Ayria

I feel it, the guilt now
It washes over me
Resides in my consciousness it's complicating me
All that you had to say was never get to close to me
I might have thought my actions through
My rash decisions will prove that now it's all too late

Below the surface is where this hurt lives
I cannot mend I just divide
Inside, it's mine

I'd like to think that I could damage you from within
But I gave up and it's obvious some things go way past sin
Caught in the undertow, a victim of a counterblow
And now I'm back with these shattered nerves and emptiness that I deserve
Now it's all too late
Wishing I could move time

Just get, just get out
Now I, must live without
Can't seem to fix what I've broken down
Worn out and now, I just don't care
Stripped down to the girl I must repair
You made me do things I didn't like, unfair
Now you forget what I tasted like
And you pretend out of spite
Did you forget the depths of my eyes as you stared and said you wouldn't compromise?
Trying to take what you wanted most, you didn't even come close
Now I will stand here in control and never fall again
And never fall again

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Artist: Ayria
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