Rush By Mymp

Lyrics Of Rush by Mymp

I look up and say my prayer
At times I feel there's no one there
Though I ask for a shoulder
That I could lean on
What's deep in my heart
He knows what I'm longing for

And then that's when I met you
Faith could have brought me to you
I know your my answered prayer
Coz' I see in you

Eyes that could see through me
Warmth that takes away my plea
Where my heart is felt as it changes beat
I know when it's time
We allow love
To take it seat...

At dawn when there's no one to talk to
I'm lost for words
And darkness makes me blue
And I ask for a shoulder that I could lean on what's deep in my heart he knows what I'm longing for

[Repeat refrain]
[Repeat chorus]

(Instrumental Chorus)

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Artist: Mymp
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