Data Bank By Prince

Lyrics Of Data Bank by Prince

So, look here mama, umm
I'm feelin' like I, umm
I, umm, kinda want them numbers

So, umm, I don't know
Could I ... could I call U sometime?
Ooh, ooh!
Data bank
I'm feelin' like I wanna put U in my data bank
If U got the love, I got the time (Data bank)

Just give me your phone number, I'll drop a dime on ya (Data bank)
Think I won't?
Hurt me!
On the phone, I may be shy (Data bank)
I don't know, U wanna ... U wanna go on a picnic or somethin'?

But in living color, I'm a real neat guy (Data bank)
When the other brothers tell U they are better

U better look real close, they might be a bedwetter
Dig this...
6 feet tall, skinny legs and all

All they really know is basketball
Then I say, give me that phone number
Mama, we can pop all night (doo waa)

I might be small, but so is dynamite
Ouch! (doo waa, doo waa)
And then I say...

Hey U, am I gettin' through?
Ha, ha, oww!
Data bank

I'm feelin' like I wanna put U in my data bank
Data bank [x2]
Ooh! (doo waa, doo waa)
School's in
The teacher got a guitar

If U didn't come 2 turn it out
Might as well get yo ass in your car
And get on down the road

Get on down the road, yeah
["Data bank" repeats in BG 'til end]
Keep goin', right there, don't...
See if ... see if the trumpet work
Does it work?
Well, come on

I'm feelin' like I wanna put U in my data bank
Can... can U play it again?

Ow Ow Oww!
School's in
The teacher got a saxophone
If U didn't come 2 turn it out
U might as well leave it alone

Eric.. Leeds, that is
Kid, Movie Star
Funky, nasty
Drives an ugly car
Hold up, hold up
Mark, come on

U're in the wrong key cousin
No, no, wait

I'm feelin' like I wanna put U in my data bank

What happened 2 that melody we had?
What if...
We just gonna groove?
We just gonna groove or what?

Well, somebody got 2 solo or somethin'
Hmm, I don't know
12 inch
Think it ain't?
School's in

The teacher got a funky bass
If U didn't come 2 turn it out
Get your frail ass out my face

I'm feelin' like I wanna put U in my data bank [x2]
I didn't ... I didn't call the horns
I didn't call the horns

Why y'all got 2 play 'em?
It's cool, OK, alright, Lisa
I don't wanna hear no horns, I just wanna hear Lisa

Oh, oh, that's dog, that's dog
I didn't call that either
OK, I quit
No, I'm quittin'
Lisa, stop!

OK, wait a minute
Susan, fade ... fade the shit out
See, I know, yeah OK (doo waa, doo waa)
Fade it out
(Data bank)

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