I'm Not Giving You Up (Remix) By Gloria Estefan

Lyrics Of I'm Not Giving You Up (Remix) by Gloria Estefan

To be completely honest
It scares me to imagine
What life would be without you
And for this very reason
I ask you to forgive me
For what I'm putting us through
Although there are so many things
Against us, I've decided
That I'm Not Giving You Up, No...
Thinking back, I see what we have
Is something different
I think we've known all along
So how far would it be
To divide this love's existence
Between what's right and what's wrong
And you, always wondering if we'll make it
Time will tell you
That I'm Not Giving You Up, No...
We'll find a way to be together
However long it takes, wherever
If it means having you for only a moment
A moment just might be enough
I'm Not Giving You Up, No
No I'm Not Giving You Up, No
Screaming in the silence the promises we've spoken
Come back to haunt me, false and broken
Quiet desperation to see we're lost forever
Searching for water in this desert
No, I refuse to have to do
Without your kisses
I'm Not Giving You Up, No, No
No I'm Not Giving You Up

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Artist: Gloria Estefan
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