You'll Be Mine(Remix) By Gloria Estefan

Lyrics Of You'll Be Mine(Remix) by Gloria Estefan

When the sun is setting in the sky
Everybody knows it's party time
And when the moon is rising high
I'll be yours, I know you will be mine, party time
All day the world goes ?round and ?round
You can feel the changes coming down
It doesn't matter who you are
With love to give you will go far
You see the treasures all around
And burn ourselves into the ground
Everyone's trying to survive
We're not just burn to be alive
I know
What i feel inside is true
You know
Every road i follow's leading me to you
We live our lives in mystery While everything is meant to be
No reason here to wonder why
All that we ssek is in the sky
You are the one that i want to hold
I feel you deep inside my soul
Only our love will set us free
This night belongs to you and me
I know
What i feel inside is true
You know
Every road i follow's leading me to you

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Artist: Gloria Estefan
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