Moment Of Truth By Whitney Houston

Lyrics Of Moment Of Truth by Whitney Houston

We've been playing games with our emotions
Let's get what we feel out in the open
Wanting you is all I do
Boy I know you want me, too
Don't you think it's time we proved
What we've been feeling
(Chorus): This is our moment of truth
Either we win or we lose this love It's just the we that we feel
We'll know if love is for real, soon enough
Let out your feelings tonight
Cause oh, I know that I want you
It's all up to me and you
And the moment of truth

Far too many times a heart gets broken
Just because three words are never spoken
We can't let that bother us
Not when we're so much in love
I could never get enough of saying I love you


Wanting you is all I do
Boy, I know you want me, too
Don't you think it's time we proved
What we've been feeling


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Artist: Whitney Houston
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