Counter Clockwise By 27th Hour

Lyrics Of Counter Clockwise by 27th Hour

It's too early to be drinking anything at all.
Give it up and pack it in.
Don't get up until the morning.
I don't need you to be here for me.
Unappreciated broken dreams.
Seems so unreal.
You weren't there when you were here.
So I'm waiting for you to leave.
So we can regain our self esteem.
Sad songs and mixed up words.
Makes you feel more then they should.
Can't relate to anything
Anyone else is going through.
Sometimes with you.
Your blue eyes and counter clockwise mind, don't please the majority.
Still you aren't the minority.
People envy and copy you everyday.
It'll never go away.
Pretend to be broken and the rest will follow.
Why is everyone always so shallow.
I want to be alone with you,
But you're always with someone else.
Another wasted night watching the clock on my shelf.

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Artist: 27th Hour
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