Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad By Eric Clapton

Lyrics Of Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad by Eric Clapton

Got to find me a way
To take me back to yesterday.
How can I ever hope to forget you?

Won't you show me a place
Where I can hide my lonely face?
I know you're going to break my heart if I let you.

Why does love got to be so sad?
Why does love got to be so sad?
Why does love got to be so sad?
Why does love got to be so sad?

Like a moth to a flame,
Like a song without a name,
I've never been the same since I met you.

Like a bird on the wing,
I've got a brand new song to sing,
I can't keep from singing about you.


I'm beginning to see
What a fool you've made of me.
I might have to break the law when I find you.

Stop running away

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Artist: Eric Clapton
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